Submitted by: Jim Smith

        Date: August 7, 2014

    Original: LDS : 106233



MYLREA, Mary  1799   Bal   A   58    0106233

Will of Mary Mylrea  1799    Jurby

                                                of Jurby

   The Last will and testament of Mary Mylderraa She

   departed this life the 26th of January 1799

   Being in perfect Mind and memory at the making


—-st She Committed her Soul to God and her Body to

   Christian Burial.

—ly She left and Bequeath unto Cathrine Quine alias

   Tear her [Bat]

   She Left unto Jane Tear her Chist

   She Left six pence Each to Every one that would

   claim A Right in her will

   She Left one Shilling Each to the witnesses of her


Lastly She Nominated and appointed her Sister

   Elinor Tear alias Myldera whole and Sole Executrix of

   all her Goods and Chattells, Moveable and Immoveable


   Witnesses Present

   Daniel Kneen his mk x

   Patrick Moughtin       Jur

At a Chapter Court holden at KK Michael June 12th

1799   Notwithstanding this will is proved but by one

Witness yet as no Objection has been offered Daniel Tear

husband of Elinor Tear is Sworn in Court in form of

Law & hath given Pledges for the payment of Debts & 

Legacies viz’t Patr. Mughtyn the witness & John Craine

of Ballaugh

                        Probatum est

                               Tho’s Cubbon

Transcribers Note: The surname Mylderra is quite clearly

written in two locations within the body of the Will. However

the Parish Index shows Mylrea, as does the Main Wills Index

and there is burial record for Mary Mylrea on Lawson’s Burial

Index for the date of death recorded above.